The Wanneroo Wanderers 4WD Club Inc. is a friendly and enthusiastic group of people who have banded together to enjoy 4WD trips and excursions whilst trying to conserve the natural bush ecology.

Club membership comprises families, couples and individuals of all ages and has no preference as to the make of 4WD vehicle owned. To keep the club friendly and close-knit, we limit the number of memberships to 50. Currently we have about 35 active memberships. The $95 annual subscription covers singles, couple or families and is renewed each September. The club is coordinated by a committee of members elected at the Annual General Meeting and is run in accordance with the Club Constitution.

A club magazine is produced on a regular basis to keep members informed of past and upcoming events, interesting 4wd articles and stories, news about the club and 4WD Association matters.

The range of club activities and events cater for the novice as well as experienced drivers. Activities include social functions, day drives, weekend trips both off and on road, as well as longer trips at various times during the year such as long weekends and school holidays. Personal and vehicle safety during club events is of utmost importance. Wherever possible, proposed day runs and trips are thoroughly surveyed in advance.

Several members like to bring their dogs along on day runs and trips and we try to accommodate this where possible by choosing locations where animals are permitted. Naturally not all trips are suitable for dogs as they may include travelling through or staying in National Parks.

The club is an affiliated member of the  WA 4WD Association We support their aim to promote 4WD vehicle owners as responsible, community spirited people concerned with conservation and the environment and this is reflected in our clubs code of ethics.

If you wish to obtain further information about the club or to find out about upcoming events, please feel free to contact us.