17/4/2014 - 22/4/2014

Kym &Glenda (trip leaders) arrived Thursday and established campsite at Eagles Bay campsite.

Ray Zaretsky arrived mid afternoon quiet nite beside campfire. Some great river views


Good Friday 18th  

Barb & Steve Lynch arrived mid afternoon with the remaining club members arriving around 4:30pm. After setting up camp into happy hour usual social ww4wdc. Joe managed to fall off of his chair while looking at the moon (must be getting old)

Saturday 19th

Left camp around 9am and headed out for a drive down river road to investigate the marked sites, Road windy and rough in patches. Stopped off at play school where we had a go at some reasonably difficult climbs and dips.

Moved onto the next site (buttclencher) where we had morning tea. No one gave this one a go as the last drop off and climb was too dangerous.

Next stop was musterers track. Has been chewed out a bit since the last time we did this track. No one was willing to give this a go.

Went back via homestead to fix up the site finances. Just as we were leaving Bob & Leslie decided to get a canoe which held us up from getting back to camp. JL kept saying he want a dip.

On return to camp called into the mud run. Site has been reworked and no one was game enough to have a go, as there was concern over the depth of the water in a couple patches. Barb walked it with a couple of deep patches.

Carried on back to camp and stopped at the clay pans where a few tried out 4 wheel drifting with Barb showing up the boys again

 JL took off back to camp. Did not want to get his car dirty. (I can feel a fine coming on)

Relaxing afternoon of swimming, canoeing and sleeping.

Headed into homestead for tea and to watch the Eagles. After tea, some left early and headed back to the campfire while the rest continued to watch the footy to conclusion. Eagles Lost!!!!!

Sunday 20th

Today is Joe Arrigo’s 60th Birthday

The Easter Bunny hopped around the camp today

Left camp for another day trip around 9:30. Went to Black rocks (our last camp site) not much water here.

Headed along river road back to homestead. Some challenging 4wd with hills, valleys and river sand. Quick pit stop at homestead and then on to find mate verses mate site. Not sign posted, so we ended up on the wrong road heading back to NW coastal Hwy. After doing U-turn. We found site where had morning tea. Kym & Joe tried the mate v mate course. And the winner was the Pajero. We then moved on to the quarry with Barb once again leading the boys. Go Barby.

Headed back to camp for a late lunch and more relaxing. Bob discovered he had a battery charging issue for his second battery. We determined that the controller had a problem and that the relay was OK. So we rewired the relay via switch to allow the second battery to charge. All ok

Happy hour commenced around 5 and another pleasant evening had by all celebrating the old boys birthday. Elise produced smashing sweets. (Smashed meringues, fruit & cream

Monday 21st

The extended trip members packed up and broke camp around 9:30. Barb & Steve had slow pack up and after a morning tea of pancakes and coffee provided by Elise, they also left leaving the Arrigo's and the Batten's to strenuously relax